Recognising the importance of corporate social responsibility, and the desire to make an impactful contribution, Variant runs a mentorship programme that is designed to hone the business and leadership skills of young entrepreneurs.

The mentorship programme provides a platform for upcoming entrepreneurs with solid business ideas to interact directly with our CEO and gain from his counsel on work ethic, business skills and acumen.

The programme facilitates the business growth of the mentee and also provides networking opportunities for mentees.


The primary objective of the programme is to mentor young aspiring entrepreneurs on developing a better understanding of:

  • Running a business
  • Improved decisions on critical business issues
  • Developing strategic plans to drive their business growth

VAMP Mentees

Ruth is the founder and editor of Magnify, a print and digital magazine, launched in 2008 with the vision to be a source of inspiration and empowerment to women.
In addition to developing the platform, Ruth has worked as a creative producer on a number of freelance projects producing print and digital content for clients. She is a dynamic individual with a proven track record of building teams and networking effectively. Furthermore, she is passionate about delivering high quality and engaging content for brands, and has a demonstrated interest in engaging the 20-30s demographic through innovation.
Ruth is a graduate of Durham University (Politics).

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Tonye is the founder and Innovation Manager of PNS Projects, a design and technology start up based in Lagos, Nigeria.
Tonye has managed various technology and design projects for clients across various industries in Nigeria. Passionate about innovation, creative thinking and design, he worked as a creative director at an IT development firm before starting PNS Projects in 2014.
Tonye is a graduate of Bradford University School of Management (Management and Innovation).

Stears is a news and financial data company founded by alumni of the London School of Economics and Imperial College, London. Stears provides news analysis on economic, financial and business activities across Nigeria, with a primary focus on public companies listed and traded on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
Stears is run by a partnership of four individuals, who are passionate about leveraging technology and intellectual debate in revamping the Nigeria news and data industry.
Stears can be accessed at

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