Company Update

Variant Advisory started operation in January 2015 as a boutique investment and Financial Advisory firm. Services range from financial advice to businesses and arranging funding where


Customers over the years have ranged from small businesses and individuals to state corporations and medium to large companies.

Services offered include advising on lending, structuring finance, valuations and funds arrangement.

Our customers have come from various sectors of the economy such as real estate, manufacturing, public utility, services, general trading and oil and gas.

The Company has a core of customers it provides continuous services to and has grown in size and reputation over the years.

As part of its corporate social responsibility, the Variant Advisory Mentorship Programme (VAMP) was established in 2015. VAMP using the leadership of the company and working with its partners provides a

platform where young entrepreneurs and professionals can seek mentoring and professional advice to help improve their businesses. Twice a year, a one-day mentorship class was offered with subsequent one-on-one advisory sessions available. More than 250 young entrepreneurs and professionals have

benefitted from the programme between 2015 and 2019. The programme was stopped at the advent of


COVID-19 brought about a lot of uncertainty in the whole world and to our lives. As a result, most businesses suffered and had to look for ways to survive. Our company was able to adapt and support businesses very well during this period.

As we come out of the uncertainties and life starts to return to normal, we believe that the opportunities for our business will increase, and we will be able to support more businesses. We thank our customers for their business and our staff for keeping the faith. This new year 2022 will usher in a renewal of businesses and the opportunities that lie therein.